The latest version of ProtoMS is available via Bitbucket.

There are two different ways to obtain the latest version of ProtoMS. We recommend you clone the Bitbucket repository using Mercurial. You can obtain further information on Mercurial here. To clone ProtoMS, you simply need to type the following command:

hg clone

Even though we recommend the previous option to obtain ProtoMS, the software can also be directly downloaded. If you prefer to do so, please follow the link below:

ProtoMS direct download

Once you have a copy of ProtoMS, you may proceed to install the software. Instructions can be found in the compilation and installation section of the ProtoMS manual.

Historical ProtoMS releases

We highly encourage the use of the latest ProtoMS release (see above). The usability of the lastest version is highly improved, and several bugs have been corrected. All tutorials available on this site correspond to the current version of ProtoMS. However, if you need access to versions of ProtoMS 2.X these can be found by following the link below:

Previous ProtoMS versions

Current version of ProtoMS 3.3.0